Kimberly Marrazzo Staff Photo

I am so excited to have your student in my kindergarten class this year. We will have a wonderful start to the school year with fun-filled days of learning ahead of us! I anticipate the relationships and community that will form in our class which will allow us all to learn about ourselves in relation to the surrounding world. Kindergarten will be a time of many creative, fun, and diverse learning experiences.        

I have been a lifelong resident of Madison and attended Madison Elementary from kindergarten through third grade.  I graduated from Bob Jones High School in 2010.  Pursuing a dream to teach elementary school, I attended the University of Alabama and graduated in May 2014 with dual certification in Elementary and Early Childhood Education.  As a teacher at Madison Elementary, I am at home with a family of teachers and school community that I love and know that this year will be filled with learning, laughter, and memories.  I fell in love with learning at Madison Elementary as a student and am excited to continue this journey of teaching a love for learning!